Daycare Neglect and Abuse Attorney

In today’s fast paced, working world, many parents decide that sending their babies and toddlers to daycare is their only option. While parents usually take extra care in selecting a daycare, what happens when their child is not supervised or taken care of properly?

When daycare employees or staff neglect to properly supervise or protect children, or when children are physically abused by staff or employees, the parents have the right to sue the facility for damages. Because it can be difficult to prove these accusations, parents should consult with an experienced attorney in Metairie, Louisiana who will afford them the best possible representation in order to maximize their potential recovery and seek justice for their child while hopefully preventing other children from being possibly abused and/or neglected.


Daycare Neglect and Abuse

Most daycares aim to provide the best possible care and supervision of children; unfortunately, neglect and abuse of children is much more common than many realize. Daycare staff and employees oftentimes are not sufficiently trained or qualified to handle the rigors of watching babies and young children, which can lead to neglect or abuse. Under Louisiana law, daycares have an affirmative duty to ensure their staff is sufficiently trained and to properly supervise children from the moment they are dropped off to the moment a parent picks them up.

The signs of abuse or neglect are not always immediately obvious, but may include:

  • Unexplained bruises, scratches, or other injuries
  • Sudden noticeable changes in behavior
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Regression from activity
  • Development of unusual interest in sexual behaviors
  • Discovery of severe rashes and/or frequently soiled diapers
  • A reluctance to speak about the child’s day
  • Avoidance of a certain staff or employee

How Macaluso Law Firm Can Help

If you believe an employee or staff member is neglecting or abusing your child at daycare in Metairie, Louisiana or Greater New Orleans area, you need a legal team who cares enough to protect your child’s and your family’s rights. Our team at Macaluso Law Firm is here to help.

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