Daycare Neglect and Abuse

Signs your Child may be experiencing daycare abuse or neglect

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Under Louisiana law, daycares are responsible for the actions (or inactions/failure to act) of their staff and employees regarding physical abuse or neglect of children while on the daycare’s premises. As such, a daycare facility and its employees and staff are responsible for the health and safety of each and every child in their care and custody at all times.  

In essence, from the moment a parent drops their child off at daycare, the daycare maintains custody of said child and has a duty to properly protect and supervise said child at all times.  Unfortunately, situations arise whereby the employees or staff do not properly protect and supervise the children in their care and custody properly at all times. That’s why it’s important to contact Macaluso Law Firm, LLC, an experienced daycare abuse attorney, if you suspect negligence. 

What are signs of daycare abuse or neglect?

Signs of physical abuse include:

  • Unexplained bruising
  • Scratches, or other traumatic physical injuries  
  • Sudden noticeable changes in behavior
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Regression from activity
  • Development of unusual interest in sexual behaviors

Neglect can include, but is not limited to, the following by the facility’s staff:

  • Failure to provide proper supervision and/or protection
  • Failure to properly train the facility’s employees or staff
  • Failure to timely notify parents or family of suspected abuse or neglect
  • Failure to provide proper nourishment, etc.

The signs of abuse or neglect are not always immediately obvious, so it is important that parents keep a close eye on their children. In addition, learning how to communicate with your child is imperative, as children may be fearful of discussing what is happening to them, so keeping an eye out for physical signs of abuse or unusually odd behaviors is important.  

Finally, be sure to look out for certain behaviors or other cues regarding abusive or negligent behavior by the employees and staff of the daycare.

These types of cues include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Your child is quiet and withdrawn around a specific employee/staff member
  • Your child states they are scared of a particular employee/staff member
  • The employee/staff member always has an excuse as to why things are not going as they should at the daycare
  • The employee/staff is always on the computer or smartphone
  • Your child frequently comes home with soiled clothes/diapers
  • The employee/staff has a bad attitude, temper, or appears unhappy while at work

Seek the Guidance of an Experienced Day Care Abuse Attorney in Metairie La

With so much at stake, it is imperative to work with an attorney who has a proven track record of experience in cruelty, abuse, and/or neglect cases that is necessary to ensure the rights of the infirmed individual and your family are protected.  

The attorneys at Macaluso Law Firm, LLC have years of experience helping their clients achieve the maximum compensation that they deserve.  Contact them today to schedule a completely free consultation if you or someone you know may have a family member or friend that has been cruelly mistreated, abused, and/or neglected by a caregiver.